Peña Amigos del caballo


President: Jorge Martínez Martínez

Members: 33

Official address: Paraje “El Caño”. Apdo. 411

Peña “Amigos del Caballo” has grown over the years as their interest in the equestrian world has passed from parents to children. They represent Yecla at the festivities of the Virgen of El Rocío, San Antón and Saint Isidore Labourer.
El Rocío is celebrated in the month of June. In this month they parade with the brotherhood El Rocío in the neighbouring city of Villena (Alicante).
At this event, the man dresses “de corto” (traditional short attire) and the woman wears the “traje de sevillana” (Sevillian flamenco dress). At this festivity, they sing while they accompany the Virgen of El Rocío who is carried by oxen from Las Virtudes to the city of Villena in the province of Alicante. In the Saint Isidore festivities, the whole Peña participates with their horses and carriages, having the honour of starting the parade.

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