Peña Asoca del code

President: Ms Sofía Martínez-Quintanilla Navarro

Members: 60 (32 full members, 5 collaborating members, 17 junior members and 6 children)

Peña “Asoca del Code” was created by a group of neighbours who made the decision to create a float and participate in the festivities of Saint Isidore.
The name of the Peña means “Friends of the Lamb Association”. In the years of 1983 and 2000, they did not participate in the festivities due to the number of children who were doing their First Communion at that time, and in 2000 because of the marriage of one of its members.
In 1992, they participated in the parade with two floats, one in the children's category and the other in the adult category. This Peña has twice carried the image of Santa María de la Cabeza (Maria Torribia - Saint Mary of the Head) in 2003 and 2005. In the first year, it was carried by the women of the Peña.

Awards won: Since 1981 they have constantly won awards, the most important being: The "Vitivinícola" award in 1981 for their float entitled “El Trujal”. In 1986, they won the second prize for their float entitled “El Caracol”. In 1991, the were awarded with the third prize for their float called “La Libélula”. In 1994, they won the first prize for the float entitled “El Gusano Elegante”. In 1996, they obtained the first prize for the float entitled “Cuidado con el Queso”. In 2005, they won the first prize with the float named “Noche de Primavera”, and in 2007 they were awarded the first prize for the float entitled “Que pasa contigo Tronco”.

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities: 1974, Adult Lady (Purificación Azorín Mora). 1975, Adult Lady (María Pérez Vizcaíno). 2003, Junior Lady (Natalia Castillo Azorín). 2005, Junior Lady (Inmaculada Puche). 2011, Junior Lady (Elena Mora Moya). 2015, Junior Lady (Esther Yago Martínez). 2018, Junior Lady (Isabel García Gallego). 1991, Adult Lady (Asunción Martínez Gil). 1998, Adult Lady (María Ibáñez Sanchíz). 2003, Adult Lady (Ana Hernández Martínez). 2005, Adult Ladies (Inmaculada Romero Castillo and Sofía Martínez-Quintanilla Navarro). 2006, Adult Lady (María Ángeles Martínez Vicente). 2012, Adult Lady (Sofía Martínez-Quintanilla Navarro). 2013, Adult Lady (Inmaculada Romero Castillo). 1993, Junior Queen (Asunción Martínez Gil).

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