Peña Barahonda

President: Mr Pedro López López

Members: 30

Official address: San Cristóbal, 116

At the end of the 80s, a group of family and friends gathered in the area of "Barahonda" decided to participate in the Saint Isidore festivities. Five years later they created the Peña. Since the year of its foundation they have been actively participating in the Saint Isidore festivities and have built several floats. In 2019, they celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Awards won: In 2000, they received the “Mayor of Yecla” award for the float called “El Chicharra”. In 2001, they won the 4th prize for the float entitled “La Vendimia”. In 2002, they obtained a 4th prize for a float called “Aires de Fiesta”. In 2003, they received the 4th prize for their float entitled “Tardes de paseo”. In 2005, they were awarded the “Mayor of Yecla” award for the float entitled “El cuadro”. In 2006, they won the "Vitivinícola" award with the float named “La bodega del abuelo”. In 2009, they obtained the "Sympathy" award for their float “Casa de Cultura”, and in 2019, they received the 18th Prize for their float “25 años de Fiestas”.

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities. 2010, Junior Lady (Concepción Carpena García). 2016, Adult Lady (Rocío Morales Muñoz).

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