Peña Destripaterrones

President: Mr Francisco Zárate Lucas

Official address: Calle Trinquete, 62.- Yecla (Murcia)

Members: 50 full members and 9 honorific members

Peña “Destripaterrones”, since it was founded, knew that they wanted to participate in the Saint Isidore festivities in a different way. They did not simply want to make floats and stick “papelicos”. They wanted to have a clubhouse where they could meet and organise activities.
They were pioneers in parading at the festivities wearing the “traje de faena” (working attire) and creating a mini-peña (they were the first who won the award for the best Peña of the Federation, in 2005). For over 24 years they have been organising the table tennis championship. In addition, this Peña also stages the comedy show entitled "Destripa La noche o Nó".

Awards won: They have won several awards for floats, such as "sympathy" awards and quite a few runners-up. This Peña came up with the idea of creating the sites called "Ventorrillos" (small stands).

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities: 1974, Adult Lady (Concepción Azorín Rubio). 1996, Adult Lady (Ángela Marco Azorín). 2000, Adult Lady (María José García Molina). 2008, Junior Lady (Laura García García). 2014, Junior Lady (Sara Ibáñez Marco). 2015, Adult Lady (Laura García García). 2017 Adult Ladies (Mará Palao Sánchez and Sofía Ibáñez Marco).


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