Peña El charco

President: Ms Inmaculada Soriano García

Members: 28 adults and 16 children

La Peña “El Charco de Yecla” was founded by a group of school parents, who started to participate in the children's float category. Over the years they acquired experience on how to stick the traditional “papelicos”, which led them to participate in the adult float category.  
Its members state that the first year in which they participated was “tremendous”, and their name honours the rain that fell during the Parade of that year. They walked the parade “pisando charcos” (stepping in puddles).

Awards won: In 2002 they received the 9th prize. In 2007, they were awarded the special “Vitivinícola” award. In 2008, they won the 7th prize. In 2009, they achieved the 6th prize. In 2015, they were awarded the 14th prize. In 2016, they won the 12th prize. In 2017, they achieved the 9th Prize. In 2018, they received the18th prize. And, in 2019, they won the 16th Prize.

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities: 2005, Junior Lady (Esther Gil Puche). 2008, Junior Lady (Lorena Gíl Puche). 2013, Adult Queen (Esther Gil Puche). And, 2019 Adult Queen (Lorena Gil Puche).

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