Peña El fitolé

President: Mr José Manuel Palao Díaz

Members: 30

La Peña “El Fitolé” was founded in 2010 by a group of friends who loved the Saint Isidore festivities. They wanted to experience them further by taking on a more participatory role. In its beginnings it was made up by eight families who had boys and girls of different ages. Over time and for different reasons, families have been leaving the group, while others have taking their place.

“When we sat down to decide the name and type of Peña, we always knew that, as we had so many children, it would be a children's Peña. We chose the name making reference to a popular Yeclan game called “El Fitolé”, nowadays better known as “Hide and Seek”. In this game, a player, without looking, counts to a certain number while the rest of the players hide, and he or she then has to find them all. We have recovered this name and have also introduced it in several aspects of the Peña.

Awards won: In 2011, 12th prize with the float entitled “Las pinturas rupestres del Arabí”. In 2012, 12th prize for the float called “Primavera divertida”. In 2013, 2nd prize for “Los Fitosaurios”. In 2014, 3rd prize for “Los Linces de Yecla”. In 2015, 6th prize for “Ratones glotones”. In 2016, 3rd prize for the float “Madagascar 4 Misión San Isidro”. In 2017, 7th prize for “101 Dálmatas”. In 2018, 8th prize for the float “Helaíco me quedé jugando al Fitolé”. And, in 2019, 3rd prize for “Hércules visita Hécula”

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities: 2015, Adult Queen (Paula Carpena Más), Second Junior Lady and Fourth Adult Lady (Nuria Palao Juan).

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