Peña La alborga

President: Mr Pascual Díaz Azorín

Members: 60

Official address: Camino Real, 46 Yecla (Murcia)

Peña “La Alborga” was founded by 20 members. Over the years it has been growing, providing the festivities with high-level floats. This Peña is represented by older farmers. They annually choose a couple who parades in front of the Saint in the procession.

Awards won: In its 20 years of existence and participation in the festivities they have obtained important awards.

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities: 2002, Junior Queen (Yésica Muñoz Bueno). 2010, Adult Lady (Carmen María Forte García). 2012, Adult Queen (Yésica Muñoz Bueno). 2015, Junior Queen (Judit Puche Palao). 1994, Adult Lady (María del Mar Palao Martínez). 2003, Junior Lady (Sheyla López Muñoz). 2004, Junior Lady (Paloma Candela Díaz). 2007, Adult Lady (Inmaculada Palao Martínez). 2009, Adult Lady (María del Mar Palao Martínez). 2011, Adult Lady (Sheyla López Muñoz). 2014, Junior Lady (Paula Soriano Caballero). And, 2015, Adult Lady (Arantxa Pérez Soriano).

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