Peña La juventud

President: Ms Francisca Ortega Soriano

Members: 51

Peña “La Juventud” was founded by four grandmothers (Bienvenida, Concha, Maruja and María) who were friends. All of them had a few grandchildren who they picked up from school and took with them to the countryside to stick "papelicos". At that time, they glued them on using a mixture of water and flour. Like this they made their first float entitled "La Casica". In it they placed all the young ones so that none of them could get lost.  
They loved the experience and, since then, they have participated non-stop. In the 25 years they have been participating in the festivities, all its members have enjoyed special and unique moments. They have lived these moments with great passion, enthusiasm and excitement, always being grateful for the work and effort their grandmothers put in to show them to love these festivities.

Awards won: This peña has a special award, a “Sympathy Award”. They also have three first prizes from the years 2011, 2013 and 2019. They won five second prizes in the years 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. They obtained a fifth prize in 2014, a sixth prize in 2006 and a ninth prize in 2008.

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities: 1985, Adult Lady (Francisca Ortega Soriano). 1995, Junior Queen (María del Mar Jiménez Díaz). 2001, Junior Lady (Alicia Jiménez Díaz). 2010, Junior Lady (Isabel Yagüe Muñoz). 2011, Adult Queen (Alicia Jiménez Díaz). 2011, Junior Lady (Paula Ibáñez Díaz). 2012, Adult Lady (Raquel Polo Ortega). 2012, Junior Lady (Isabel Yagüe Muñoz). 2013, Adult Lady (María Bienvenida Polo Ortega). And, 2016, Adult Lady (Oihana Rocamora Ortuño).

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