Peña La parva

President: Ms Francisca Martínez Rovira

Members: 14

Official address: “Bar San Juan”, c/ Colón, 126. 30510. Yecla (Murcia)

Peña “La Parva” was founded by Paquita Rovira who, moved by the wonderful atmosphere lived during the Saint Isidore festivities, managed to bring a group of friends and family together.
In 2009, within the category of “Children’s Floats”, they started to participate in the parade. In that year they built a “carriage” on which one of their members, Paco Yago “El Porríca”, made popcorn to distribute among the spectators. For this reason, the Peña is known as the “Popcorn Peña”.

Awards won: In 2016 and 2017 the Peña participated in the parade in the adult float category. In recent years they have not been able to create new floats, but they have kept their “chiringuito” (small stand) in order to actively participate in the festivities. In all these years they have obtained several runner-ups. During the year "the Parveros" and "Parveras" are in charge of organising the events.

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities: 2018, Adult Lady (Nerea Chinchilla Palao). 2019 and 2020 Adult Lady (Carmen Quiles Martínez). Among their members they have the Adult Queen of 1996, Águeda López Moya.

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