Peña La siega de Yecla

President: Ms María Eugenia Carpena Ortega

Members: 23

Peña “La Siega de Yecla” was founded by a group of friends who love the traditions and popular festivities of their land.
All its members had already been participating in the Saint Isidore festivities, mainly because of family roots. Since most of its members were parents with young children, they decided to take part in the parade in the Children’s Category.
As the main focus of their work and union, the Peña preserves the tradition of harmony and their loyalty towards Yecla’s traditions and, in particular, to the Saint Isidore festivities. This has led them to keep an ironic and humorous tone in everything they do, choosing a name which is very characteristic of the agricultural chores, “La Siega” for the Peña.

Awards won: The year they were founded and participated in the Parade for the first time, they received an 11th prize for their float entitled “Gallina, donde ponemos el huevo” (Hen, where we lay the egg). In 2015, they achieved the 17th prize for their float called “Marcianos” and the theme “We Landed in Yecla”. In 2016, they obtained the 15th prize for the float “Potaticos”. In 2017, they were awarded the 19th prize for the float “Porta-lápices”, with the theme “back to school”. In 2018, they were runners-up with the float called “Piezas” and the theme “Menudas piezas”. In 2019, they were runners-up with the float called “Abeja” and the theme “Miel da, Miel compra”.

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities: 1992, Junior Lady (Natalia Puche Lorenzo). 1995, Adult Lady (Natalia Puche Lorenzo).

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