Peña La tinaja

President: Ms Nuria Gil García

Members: 43

“Peña La Tinaja” was founded by a group of friends passionate about the Saint Isidore festivities in 2009. Year after year they grew, until they became a large family of 38 adults and 5 children. Since their beginnings they have been getting together every Saturday afternoon to build their float.  
After sticking thousands of “papelicos”, they prepare a dinner and hold their traditional domino tournament. The members of the Peña consider themselves as true artisans and use wood, cork and carboard to elaborate their floats.

Awards won: Throughout these ten years they have obtained several awards: Two 12th, an 11th, a 9th and a 6th place.

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities: 2014, Adult Queen (Ana Castillo Román).

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