Peña Pipo

President: Mr Pascual Muñoz Fernández

Members: 38

Official address: Calle Lorca, nº 12

Peña “Pipo” was founded taking the name of a Yeclan nursery at which parents and educators decided to unite forces and make a children's float. During the winter months they organise internal events such as tapas contests and costume parties.

Awards won: The first year of their participation they received the "Vitivinícola” award for the "La Parra" float. Since that year they have been constantly participating obtaining awards of all kinds. Of those awards the following stand out: Four first prizes from the years 1989 to 1995. Also, several second and third prizes. Every year of the nineties they obtained prizes in the children's category.

The Peña’s Queens and Ladies elected for the festivities: 1993, Adult Queen (Ana Isabel Martínez). 1999, Junior Queen (Lorena Ortíz García). 1994, Junior Lady (Marta Pina). 1995, Junior Lady (Beatriz Ortíz). 1996, Adult Lady (Ana Martínez). 1996, Junior Lady (Beatriz Ruíz). 1999, Junior Lady (Verónica Muñoz). 2000, Adult Lady (Sonia Gaspar). 2004, Junior Lady (Carmen Ortega), 2006, Junior Lady (M. Cruz Gómez). 2007, Adult Lady (Verónica Muñoz), 2007, Junior Lady (Marta García and Marina García). And, 2018, Adult Lady (Marina García).

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